Update day for all who have purchased the game.

Update day for all who have purchased the game.

Added: New AI (more responsive and aware of surroundings)
Added: New abilities for ship captains
Added: New ship plating alloys, Adamant, Verterium, Nebullium, Phlogiston, Titanium Carbonite, Celestialite, Viridonite, Neuonium (These may or may not change in future updates, and the Ultimate Tensile Strength for each are all the same right now, these are currently unavailable to obtain until I figure out which order these should all be in, which should be strongest, etc...)

Work in Progress: New movement system, right now only the Z Axis has been reworked, i'll be adding the others right after i upload this build.

Fixed: A quest was bugged because it was not giving players the option of selecting their reward upon completion

Planned Updates for the next version:

Making the new alloys available to players
Completing the new movement system
A Launcher so users don't have to constantly download a new client for every update.

Other things will be added, but off of the top of my head these are the planned features so far.